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PetAlive EaseSure-S - Herbal Support for Pets with Seizures - 2 oz.
PetAlive EaseSure-S

PetAlive EaseSure-S - Herbal Support for Pets with Seizures - 2 oz.

EaseSure-S is an herbal formula for long term support for pets with seizures.
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EaseSure-S by PetAlive - Natural Herbal Remedy for Cats and Dogs with Seizures

EaseSure-S is used to soothe the nervous system in dogs and cats.

  • Effective natural remedy for an overactive nervous system
  • Encourages balanced function of the brain and nervous system
  • Naturally maintains nervous system stability and equilibrium
  • Supports natural temperature of the body
  • Supports healthy blood pressure

EaseSure-S contains herbal ingredients specially selected to help cats and dogs with seizures. It may be used to maintain normal electrical balance in the brain. EaseSure-S is especially helpful for managing stress-induced episodes such as trips to the vet, changes in routine, new family members or even thunderstorms.

EaseSure-S drops may be used on their own or in a supportive capacity with conventional medication. Herbal EaseSure-S is a great complementary remedy to EaseSure-M, a homeopathic medicine by PetAlive. EaseSure-M temporarily provides a quieting, sedative effect on the nervous system and reduces hypersensitivity, tiredness, weakness, trembling and sensitivity to noise.

Each bottle contains 2 oz. (60 ml.)

5 Stars
Life saver
We have had German Shepherd's for years and have kept pups from our litters. Thank God this kept our youngest from more seizures. Never had this happen before and after the first dose there has been no more episodes. Thank you for a wonderful product
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Reviewed by:  from Petersburg. Indiana. on 4/12/2014
5 Stars
Seems to Help
Our young cat had severe seizures - like something out of The Excorcist. We began treating her with this product and altering her diet. The seizures have gone and have stayed away. I don't know if this product is responsible in full or part but we'll keep using it to be sure.
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Reviewed by:  from Phoenix. on 12/6/2016
5 Stars
I have been using this product for 6 years with my 11 year old golden retriever who began having seizures at the age of 5. I did not want to put him on the pharmaceutical that the vet suggested so did my own research on a natural alternatives. Came across this product and it is amazing to say the least!!!! I give him 8-10 drops on a treat morning and night. The first year he was on it, his seizures reduced from about 5-6 a year, to 1-2 a year. As of now, he has not had a single seizure in about 4 years!! I could not be happier with this product. You must be religious about giving it twice a day! Love, love it!!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Richmond, VA. on 4/22/2017
5 Stars
Less severe but not less frequent
When my 15 year old cat first started having seizures they were few and far between. Last fall the seizures became more frequent happening 3-6 times per week. Some of them were quite severe with him thrashing about on the floor, running through the house banging against walls/doors, etc. I started with the EaseSure at the lowest dosage of two drops twice a day for a cat under 10 pounds. I increased incrementally as the seizures continued. I currently give him four drops three times a day. The seizures have not lessened in frequency but they have definitely lessened in severity. Most of his seizures he has now you wouldn't even notice (unless your his mom and are watching him 24/7). They only last about 10-15 seconds and usually they are no more than a turning/twisting of his head and body. If he is upright at the time it just looks like he is a newborn doe just learning to walk and he falls over slowly on his wobbly legs. There have only been two severe seizures since October. I still get anxious every time he has a seizure but I worry about leaving him home alone a bit less knowing that if he has one in my absence it will probably pass very quickly and with no harm to him. That is a huge weight lifted off a mother's shoulders. We tried three, prescription, anti-seizure meds before trying EaseSure but my cat had a bad reaction to all of them. This supplement was a last resort and it has been surprisingly helpful. My baby is suffering less and so am I.
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Reviewed by:  from Sunrise, FL. on 1/24/2019

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