Free Shipping on Orders $50+

What is Autoship
  • Autoship is a feature where you choose to have a product(s) delivered to you regularly.
  • Set up the delivery schedule on the product page or after you've added it to the shopping cart.
  • Only want the item once? Just add it to your basket and don't select a frequency.
  • Three days before the item is scheduled to ship, we'll send an email reminder.
  • Change the delivery schedule or cancel by logging into your account or calling us.
  • Changes to credit card numbers cannot be made on AutoShip orders. If your card has expired or you want to use a different card, you will need to cancel your existing AutoShip order and create a new one with your new card. 
  • Other discounts/promocodes cannot be used on autoship orders.
  • Get 10% off on your order when you select Autoship an autoship frequency. No code is needed.
  • Discount applies to first order and all future orders.
Free Shipping
  • Autoship orders are shipped for free to US addresses. 
  • That's a savings of $5.99 each time on most orders.