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We are doing all we can to ensure your shopping experience is fast, safe and protected -- every step of the way!
  • The McAfee SECURE trustmark appears only when a website has passed McAfee's intensive, daily security scan. McAfee tests for possible personal information access, links to dangerous sites, phishing, and other online dangers.
  • The Norton Secure powered by VeriSign trustmark shows only when a website has passed the Verisign malware scan conducted each day. Malware is a general term for malicious code installed on a website without the owner's consent. You can visit Holistic Pet Info with confidence when you see the Verisign trustmark -- no malware has been found!
  • Holistic Pet Info has a VeriSign SSL Certificate installed so that when you make a purchase from us, the transaction is encrypted using SSL before transmission.
  • Finally, when you are ready to complete your order, you'll see that our shopping cart is located on a secure server -- notice the URL changes to https://www.holisticpetinfo.com/checkout.asp
  • HolisticPetInfo.com is a PCI Compliant website.