Pet CBD: 

Everything You Need to Know Like a protective mother of a newborn child, proud pet parents will do anything to ensure their fur babies are physically and mentally healthy. These options, nowadays, include pet CBD products. 

The soaring popularity of CBD among humans is a major reason for turning to CBD use in pets. However, just because trendy new health products may be beneficial for those with two legs, that does not guarantee that all CBD products offer the same advantages – or is even safe – for your dog or cat. But is there a “special” CBD product for pets or can you give your pets the human CBD product you are using? Let’s have a look. 

Is Pet CBD the Same Thing as CBD for People? The benefits of CBD for humans are attributable to how the endocannabinoid system (ECS) collaborates with the cannabinoids in CBD products. The human ECS is critical for the maintenance of our general health. Cannabinoid receptors are in all areas of the body, connecting the body to the mind. Dogs and cats have an ECS, which means CBD affects them the same way it affects humans. It is not surprising that many people using CBD for themselves are considering whether it may help their dog or cat. While pet CBD is the same as human CBD, there are a few necessary adjustments done. 

What are the Differences? Pet treats with CBD or CBD oil for pets are formulated with pets in mind. The CBD oil you consume is likely much stronger than that of pets.  Giving your dog the exact serving size is more complicated than serving yourself. Human CBD products may contain ingredients that can harm your pet, such as artificial xylitol sweetener. Plus, some are from marijuana plants instead of hemp.  CBD meant for humans has a higher concentration than that for your pets. Dosage is especially critical as body size plays a role in how much CBD is right for your pet. 

However, not all pet CBD products are the same. Different CBD Types for Pets The hemp plant contains over 100 cannabinoids. These include cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are a few types of CBD as well: CBD Isolate – Pure CBD molecules after the extraction of all other cannabinoids and terpenes.  Full Spectrum – Contains CBD molecules and other compounds in the hemp plant, such as trace amounts of THC.

However, a full spectrum product will not have enough THC to trigger psychoactive effects because of industrial hemp regulations.  Broad Spectrum – The middle ground between full spectrum and CBD isolate. The process involves extracting full spectrum CBD and removing the THC compounds.  The difference between CBD products for dogs and cats is minor but important. Dog CBD High quality CBD products formulated just for dogs offer various supportive benefits. Regular administration of dog CBD can help balance your pet’s endocannabinoid system. 

You can give CBD to your dog through:
 CBD oil capsules for dogs – A pre-measured capsule that allows giving your dog the same CBD usage daily. 

 Tinctures – Available in small bottles that have an accompanying dropper for the easy administering of CBD oil to your dog. They are an excellent starting point for the pet parent worried about offering hemp-based supplements.  

CBD topicals for dogs – They offer an easy and traditional means of supporting your dog’s skin irritations. Topicals are applied directly to the dog’s skin for immediate localized relief. 

CBD edibites for dogs – An easy option of giving a dog CBD in an easy-to-chew, enjoyable supplement. Edibites are available in different flavors. 

Cat CBD Cats have a super sensitive digestive system, so you need to purchase a product specifically formulated for them. Plus, what works for another cat might not be best for yours, so do not be afraid of testing different delivery methods when introducing CBD to your feline friend. 

 Delivery methods of cat CBD include: CBD oil tinctures – If you have over one cat with different serving sizes, tinctures are an excellent way to control how much you administer. Tinctures are available in either hemp oil or liposome hemp oil formulations for a solution customized to your cat’s preferences and needs.  CBD chews for cats – They are soft chews perfect for a cat’s sensitive teeth. 

Can I Give CBD to Other Pets? While some dog CBD products are not made for cats, either can be used for other pets. Some examples of these include: Guinea pigs Rabbits Birds Horses You should talk to a vet about using CBD with your pet to see if it’s the right option for your furry loved one.

What are the Most Common Uses of CBD for Pets? Here is a detailed list of the most common uses of CBD. While there are more uses, these seven apply in a majority of conditions. 

 -May Help Relieve Inflammation Due to Normal Exercise and Activity CBD contains components that support a healthy inflammatory response. This is one of the main reasons the compound is so useful for a variety of conditions. The compound interacts with CB2 receptors, which are in immune cells. Activating these receptors evokes several immune responses. One of them is supporting a healthy response to inflammation. 

- Helps Pets Cope with External Stressors CBD may help support pet stress due to hospitalization, travel, moving, and other external stressors. Pets, like humans, can also suffer stress, anxiety, or even specific phobias due to their environment. The exact anxiety source might be different, but it leads to specific physical reactions and stress, just like in humans. 

- Anxiety in dogs, for example, can cause repetitive behavior. Symptoms of anxiety in dogs include: Chewing shoes, furniture, and rubbish Aggression Persistent barking Tremors CBD has been shown to help pets cope with external stressors and reduce these symptoms. Traditional anxiety medication targets the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor of the body. Anti-anxiety medications target the receptors for a temporary boost of serotonin levels in the brain. This leads to improved mood and reduced feelings of fear or anxiety. Research suggests CBD works the same way by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain temporarily. Doing this provides support from environmentally induced stress. 

- May Help Ease Occasional Discomfort and Aches The ECS is deeply involved in managing aches. Today, CBD is renowned for its properties that may help ease discomfort. It does this by stopping the absorption of anandamide, which is a chemical that helps reduce discomfort signals in the brain. The action increases anandamide levels and leads to various effects, including a reduction in occasional discomfort.  

- May Promote Homeostasis Homeostasis is the proper functioning of the body. It occurs when the body is in balance and all biological systems are functioning at optimal levels. Stimulating the ECS with CBD may help promote homeostasis in the body. So many pet owners are using CBD as a regular supplement to promote the overall health of their pets. 

Will CBD Make My Pet Sleepy? The biggest benefit of pet CBD products is that there are few known side effects and no known overdoses of a full spectrum CBD product in animals.  Although there are levels of THC in a full spectrum CBD product, it does not contain enough THC to make your pet feel “high”. CBD products can legally contain less than .3% of THC, which cannot produce any psychoactive effects. On the other hand, it’s important not to give your pet marijuana products that contain high levels of THC. Common side effects of a THC overdose include your pet becoming uncoordinated and wobbly. They may be very vocal, disoriented, and hyperactive.  CBD may make your pet feel sleepy due to its calming effects. If you believe your pet is too sleepy, try reducing the amount of CBD given. Consult your vet about CBD if your cat or dog is on any prescription medications that are metabolized in the liver.

Is CBD Okay to Give Daily? Yes, it is okay to give your pet CBD every day. Regular administration may help regulate their ECS, further enabling CBD’s homeostatic properties that go along with it. Daily intake may also help support a healthy immune system and everyday wellness. 

Choose the Right Brand of CBD Products for Your Pet What brand should you trust when you are ready to invest in pet CBD products? Make sure you research the brand behind the products. The best brands have a great reputation for using all-natural, high quality ingredients. They also follow relevant regulations and laws and take extra steps to get certifications from organizations such as NASC, and USDA. Keep Learning More About Pet CBD While pet CBD is taking off as a popular holistic supplement, it is best to research as much as you can about its use. Consult a trained veterinarian, especially one specializing in natural, organic remedies before you give your pet CBD.

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