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ThorneVet Immugen - Immune Support for Dogs & Cats - 90 chews
Immugen - New Soft Chews

ThorneVet Immugen - Immune Support for Dogs & Cats - 90 chews

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Immugen is an immune support supplement that contains vitamins, herbs and minerals to strengthen the immune system of dogs and cats.
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Immugen by Thorne Research - Powerful Immune Supplement for Dogs and Cats

A properly functioning immune system is crucial to good health. Cats and dogs can face numerous challenges to their immune systems. The common practice of combining multiple antigens into one vaccination or not spacing the vaccinations far enough apart can overwhelm an immature immune system in young animals or in an immune-compromised older animal.

Immugen's unique formula combines vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, and other nutrients for optimal immune system functioning and cellular health.
  • Comprehensive immune support product
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, glandular, and herbs with immune-supportive properties
  • Activates natural-killer cells
  • Promotes the body's innate resistance to pathogens
Immugen is an immune support supplement for dogs and cats that is beneficial for dogs and cats with allergies, cancer, skin disorders and other immune related diseases.

Each bottle contains 90 soft chews.

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