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PetAlive Respo-K - 180 tablets - Relieves Cold Symptoms in Pets
PetAlive Respo-K

PetAlive Respo-K - 180 tablets - Relieves Cold Symptoms in Pets

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Respo-K is a natural homeopathic remedy to relieve upper respiratory conditions and cold symptoms in pets including congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and nose.
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Respo-K - Helps prevent colds and respiratory ailments in dogs and cats.
   *Claims based on traditional theories of homeopathic practice from the 1700s, not accepted by most modern medical experts or supported by scientific evidence".

PetAlive Respo-K can be used:
  • For acute treatment of colds and respiratory infections in pets.
  • To reduce symptoms of sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and nose.
  • To decrease recovery time from respiratory infections.
  • To strengthen your pet's immune system and prevent recurrence.
  • For prevention of secondary infections of the sinuses or lungs.

Natural remedies can help to safely reduce your pet’s unpleasant cold symptoms during an upper respiratory tract infection, cut recovery time and also strengthen the immune system to prevent recurring infection.

Each bottle contains 180 tablets.

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