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Liver Defense - 2 oz. - Dandelion & Milk Thistle for Dogs & Cats
Liver Defense by Animal Essentials

Liver Defense - 2 oz. - Dandelion & Milk Thistle for Dogs & Cats

Animal Essentials Liver Defense is an herbal supplement containing dandelion and milk thistle to support liver function in cats and dogs.
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Animal Essentials Liver Defense - Liver Support for Dogs & Cats  

Liver Defense contains two medicinal herbs (milk thistle and dandelion root) that protect the liver and promote healthy liver function. The herb milk thistle contains silymarin which can block the entry of toxins into the liver and remove them at cellular level, resulting in regeneration of liver cells and improved liver function. Dandelion root also helps with cleansing the liver and gall bladder and is often used to improve digestion.

  • No preservatives, glycerin-based formula
  • Certified organic herbs
  • Made in the USA 

Available size: 2 oz.  

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