Keeping your pet's mouth healthy and clean are important steps in preventing many dental problems and diseases in dogs and cats. While brushing and regular cleanings are your first line of defense against tooth decay, gingivitis, mouth sores, plaque, bad breath and gum disease, many times additional intervention is needed.  Here is a list of supplements available at Holistic Pet Info.

BioBrilliant is a dental powder for dogs and cats that works by stopping the bacteria that forms plaque and tartar in the mouth and prevents new plaque from forming.

SeaDent for Dogs contains the plaque-fighting power of kelp with enzymes that fight bacteria and reduce plaque and tartar on teeth.

Gumz-n-Teeth was formulated to help prevent gingivitis in dogs and cats and contains Calcium Fluoride for maintaining the health and integrity of the teeth. It also contains Silica which is frequently prescribed for gum disease (including gum boils and mouth abscess), mouth sores and ulcers and chronic mucous infections.

Grin Dental Chews help promote fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums by stopping plaque and tartar build-up.

Perio-Support and Perio-Plus Dental Stix helps to control plaque formation and reduce the bacteria that often causes "dog breath." 

If your dog or cat is prone to gum diseases and chronic oral infections, ask your vet whether Immugen from Thorne Research would be beneficial. Immugen contains CoQ10 and is loaded with other antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen canine and feline gum tissue and provide support to the immune system.