Cats spend hours grooming themselves and as a result, they swallow lots of loose fur and hair which can accumulate in their stomachs. In most cases, the hair is vomited out, resulting in a cat hairball or furball. 

If the cat's digestive system is weak, the fur and hair can remain inside the cat and cause numerous digestive problems including constipation, vomiting or the build up of toxins. They may lose their appetites and experience abdominal discomfort.

Hairball Prevention in Cats

To help relieve your cat from the build up of hair and fur in their stomachs, grooming your cat regularly may help reduce the amount of hair swallowed. Adding fiber to their diet will also aid with digestion and help the hair pass more easily out of their system.

Natural Hairball Remedies

If your cat is prone to developing hairballs, the natural ingredients in Hairball Chews by VetriScience and Hairball Aid will help prevent and eliminate hairballs. Supplements such as Optagest may help their digestive system function properly so that they can eliminate the hairballs before they cause problems for your cat.