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Herbs and Supplements to Calm Dogs and Cats

Posted by Holistic Pet Info on 9/12/2014 to General Topics
The following herbs, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients can have a calming effect on dogs and cats:

National Holistic Pet Day

Posted by Holistic Pet Info on 8/25/2014 to General Topics
Rather than reacting to a health issue, a holistic approach incorporates good nutrition, a toxic-free environment and healthy lifestyle choices to help prevent disease in animals.

Fireworks and Dogs - Tips to Keep Pets Calm

Posted by Holistic Pet Info on 6/17/2014 to General Topics
Thunderstorms, fireworks, New Years and other loud celebrations can be a scary time for dogs and cats. The loud booming noises that accompany fireworks causes anxiety and stress in pets.

Signs of Cushings Disease in Dogs

Posted by Holistic Pet Info on 5/5/2014 to General Topics
Cushings Disease in dogs is not a condition that improves on its own without treatment. The most common cause is a microscopic, benign pituitary tumor, which oversecretes a hormone that causes the adrenals to produce cortisol.

Change to Shipping Policy

Posted by Julie Andrus on 4/9/2014 to General Topics
Beginning April 15, a flat rate shipping fee of $4.99 will apply to orders that are less than $30.00. Orders over $30.00 will ship for FREE! Priority Mail and Express Mail service are available on all orders. Holistic Pet Info uses USPS (U.S. Postal Service) for shipping.

Calcium Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Posted by Holistic Pet Info on 12/19/2013 to General Topics
Pets being fed a home-prepared diet may benefit from a calcium supplement.

Keeping Older Pets Healthy - A Holistic Approach

Posted by Holistic Pet Info on 11/18/2013 to General Topics
As older animals become less active, they need food lower in protein and carbohydrates to avoid weight gain. Exercise is important for older dogs to prevent obesity and arthritis. However, you need to recognize your dog is not a puppy anymore.

Holistic Health Care Tips for Dogs

Posted by Holistic Pet Info on 11/4/2013 to General Topics
Using a holistic approach to pet health care means looking at all facets of your pet's life, beginning with diet and exercise to keeping your house clear of pesticides and other toxins.