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PetAlive Ear Dr. - Relief for Itchy Ears in Cats & Dogs - 1 oz.
PetAlive Ear Dr.

PetAlive Ear Dr. - Relief for Itchy Ears in Cats & Dogs - 1 oz.

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Ear Dr. is a natural remedy that cleans and soothes itchy dog and cat ears. Ear Dr. also promotes healthy ears by reducing wax buildup, yeast and bacteria in pet ears
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PetAlive Ear Dr. - Natural remedy that cleans and soothes itchy ears on cats and dogs.
Ear Dr. contains a blend of natural, herbal ingredients in a medicinal olive oil base, all specially selected to support the health of the skin and structures inside the ear.
  • Soothes ear passages to prevent itching and scratching
  • Maintains normal balance of flora in the ear canal
  • Promotes complete ear health
  • Great for chronic & acute cases
  • Keeps ear canals clear and free of blockages
  • Easy to use herbal drops
  • Safe for cats and dogs

Keeping your pet's ears clean is important for all breeds, but dogs with long, pendulous ears often need extra care to help prevent ear infections and ear mites.   Your pet's ears also contain certain amounts of wax as well as a variety of flora (e.g. yeast and certain bacteria) to keep ears clean and free of infection.Maintaining the natural balance of normal flora and healthy organisms in the ear is therefore important, and it is only when a weakened immune system causes over proliferation of the inner flora of the ear that problems arise.

Look out for shaking of the head and ears, scratching and rubbing, a foul smell from the ear or even discharge— and consult your vet if you are concerned.

Each bottle contains 1 oz. (30 ml.) 

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