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Dr. Harvey's Relax for Dogs - Natural Calming Aid - 7 oz
Dr. Harvey's Relax & Stress for Dogs

Dr. Harvey's Relax for Dogs - Natural Calming Aid - 7 oz

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Dr. Harvey's Relax is a natural calming remedy for dogs that helps reduce anxiety, stress and nervousness.
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Dr. Harvey's Relax - Stress and Anxiety Supplement for Dogs

Dr. Harvey's Relax is an all natural herbal supplement that gently calms your dog without any harmful side effects. Dr. Harvey's Relax is beneficial for dogs that experience:
  • Separation anxiety when left alone
  • Fears of lightning and loud noises
  • General nervousness
  • Afraid of going to the vet or groomers
  • Destructive behavior
  • Excessive barking

  • Dr. Harvey's Relax is an herbal supplement that comes in powder form and can be easily mixed into your dog's food. The vitamins and nutrients are derived from whole foods (not synthetic) and are easily absorbed.  Dr. Harvey's Relax contains No chemicals, dyes or synthetic ingredients of any kind.

    This formula can be used daily or as needed in times of added stress.
    Available size: 7 oz powder

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