Question: I am interested in one of your product, Kelp Help for my pet Pekingese who is suffering from allergies and demodectic mange. He bites his tail frequently. I wonder if this product suitable for pets with such problems. Does it contains ingredients that should be avoided by pets with allergy problems? Thank you for your prompt reply.
Response: Hello, Thank you for your inquiry to Holistic Pet Info. There are 3 components to allergies: fleas, food and environmental. If he has demodectic mange, is he being treated for this condition? This is not an allergy but rather an external parasite that can cause itching. Also, what allergies has he been diagnosed with? If it’s fleas, then the proper topical can help tremendously with the tail biting. Have you placed your dog on a food elimination trial to rule out any food allergies? If it’s environmental such as grasses or trees, then supplements will be of great help. The itching will not resolve without finding out the primary cause of the itchiness.
I strongly recommend you take your dog into your vet or holistic vet to help determine the source of the allergy. Immugen and Moducare by Thorne, are excellent supplements to support the skin and immune system. Kelp Help by Naturvet and Super EPA by Thorne are good for the skin especially if there are deficiencies in the diet. Unless your dog has an allergy to beef, Kelp Help should not be a problem. Best of luck. Sincerely, Colleen Smith DVM, CVA