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Keeping Your Pet's Teeth and Gums Healthy

Keeping your pet's mouth healthy and clean are important steps in preventing many dental problems and diseases in dogs and cats. While brushing and regular cleanings are your first line of defense against tooth decay, gingivitis, mouth sores, plaque, bad breath and gum disease, many times additional intervention is needed.
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Immune and Cardiovascular Diseases Linked to Dental Problems

If your pet has chronic oral infections, there is a risk of bacteria being swallowed and then spreading to other parts and organs of the body. The immune system is also subjected to a constant burden and over time, these toxins can cause liver, kidney, lung and gastrointestinal disease or organ failure.
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Kelp Is Key for Good Dental Health in Dogs & Cats

Millions of dogs throughout the world have bad breath and a build up of oral plaque--- a film of pathogenic bacteria on their teeth and gums that if left unchecked can lead to dental calculus and serious periodontal disease. Enter SeaDent for Dogs!
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Common Dental Problems in Pets

Cats and dogs are particularly prone to tooth and gum diseases. It's estimated that nearly half the cat population over the age of 3 has one kind of dental disorder or another - 85% of felines in this category may suffer from bad gums alone. As many as 80% of dogs aged 1 to 3 are thought to have signs of periodontal disease that requires treatment to areas around the tooth.
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