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PetAlive Cushex Drops-S  - 2oz - Herbal Support for Dogs with Cushing's
Cushex Drops-S

PetAlive Cushex Drops-S - 2oz - Herbal Support for Dogs with Cushing's

Cushex Drops-S is an herbal supplement for dogs that provides long term support of the adrenal and pituitary gland in pets with Cushings disease.
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Pet Alive Cushex Drops-S - Natural herbal treatment for Cats and Dogs with Cushing's Disease

Cushex Drops-S from PetAlive is an herbal supplement to help support adrenal and pituitary gland balance. It has been formulated to help maintain balance in the endocrine system and is used to:
  • Effectively mitigate the effects of long-term exposure to high levels of cortisol
  • Support the health of your pet's adrenal glands and encourages normal functioning.
  • Support healthy energy levels and digestion
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels
  • Support normal urination and healthy fluid and electrolyte balance in the body
  • Promote optimal strength and health of the skin
Cushex Drops-S can be used together with Cushex Drops-M, a homeopathic remedy formulated to address many of the symptoms of Cushings Disease such as excessive thirst and urination, stomach upset, vomiting and skin problems like dry, itching skin.

Each bottle contains 2 oz. (59 ml.)
5 Stars
Cushex works!
I have been using the Pets Alive Cushex for several weeks now for my teacup poodle who displayed the symptoms of Cushings disease. Very sluggish, pot belly, weight gain, loss of hair on neck and back of legs and on and on. As I researched the disease and its treatments I felt I wanted to help my pet but not put him through the harsh treatments that they do for Cushings. So in my research I came across a "natural" treatment at Pets Alive and after much contemplation and consulting with my vet, I tried it. And I must say I saw an almost immediate improvement in my pet. He was more active and his hair is growing back. He is down to his ideal weight 3.8lbs (from a highest he ever was at 4.5 in a few months) and the hair on his neck and back of legs is growing back. It's almost unbelievable. My vet wasn't all for it but I tried it at 1-2 drops on his twice a day treat. I am more than pleased that it has worked and since he is so small and only needs a drop or 2 the bottle will last a long time!
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Reviewed by:  from odenton,md. on 11/16/2014
5 Stars
Excellent product, excellent service
My maltese was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. He was constantly hungry, losing his hair, licking his paws, and had a pot belly. My vet told me that he would eventually develop diabetes. The drops have really helped with his symptoms. He doesn't seem as hungry, his hair is growing back in and his pot belly seems smaller. We've only had them for a few weeks but so far so good. Also, the customer service was outstanding and we received our products right away.
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Reviewed by:  from Crystal Lake, IL. on 10/15/2014
5 Stars
So Far, So Good
Although we fear we are observing our dog's condition very optimistically, it really does seem as if he is better since beginning the CushEx drops about 10 days ago. More energy, and manages to stay continent all night most nights. We cannot yet see a difference in his hair, but feel the expression in his eyes is calmer, and his panting/anxiety less.
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Reviewed by:  from Lebanon, OH. on 1/22/2015
5 Stars
Very happy
We decided to try holistic when our dog was diagnosed with Cushings. We noticed improvement after a week. She has been on this about 6 months now, surprising for 5 drops twice a day. She then started with almost a reflux problem, shortly after drinking water she would throw it up. I wondered if maybe she had a 'build up' of the drops or maybe didn't need as much anymore. I discontinued the drops for 2 weeks & the vomiting stopped but the peeing in the house, rear leg weakness increased. She's back on the drops but just once a day. Trying to figure out her needed dosage and still not 100% that the vomiting was related or coincidental. The drops definitely work.
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Reviewed by:  from Pasadena, MD. on 1/20/2015
5 Stars
Cushex Drops
I decided to try this product for my dog, who displayed symptoms of Cushings. She responded well. I took her to a new Vet and she was tested for Cushings. Urine test showed high levels of cortisol, so we then did another test, where they inject a drug. The results were "iffy" she was 100% positive after 1st injection, but after 8 hr blood draw, she was normal, so the Vet suggested I keep her on the drops. She still has her moments, but I am pleased with the effects of the drops, it seems to make her comfortable.
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Reviewed by:  from Citrus Springs, Florida. on 1/17/2015

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