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ThorneVet Canine Geriatric Basics - Daily Dog Vitamins - 90 soft chews
Canine Geriatric Basics - New Soft Chews!

ThorneVet Canine Geriatric Basics - Daily Dog Vitamins - 90 soft chews

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New Soft Chews! Canine Geriatric Basics supports healthy aging including vision, cognitive function & musculoskeletal support. Potent antioxidant support.
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Canine Geriatric Basics from Thorne Research - New Soft Chews! Daily vitamins for older dogs

Canine Geriatric Basics contains vitamins, herbs, amino acids and other nutrients to support an older dog's immune system, vision, adrenal glands, cognitive abilities and more.

Canine Geriatric Basics has been formulated to:
  • Support healthy aging including vision and musculoskeletal support
  • Provide antioxidant support
  • Maintain healthy cognitive function
  • Promote cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health
  • Reduce stress associated with aging

What sets this formula apart from other vitamins for older dogs are the unique herbal extracts that provide benefits not found in ordinary supplements.

  • Ashwaganda extract is a powerful adaptogen which also has anti-inflammatory properties. It supports cardiovascular health.
  • Eleuthero extract helps to support the adrenal gland, improve mental and physical performance and strengthen the immune system.
  • Nicknamed the "vision herb," Bilberry extract has a substantial body of research supporting its claim to benefit the eyes.

In addition to these herbs, Canine Geriatric Basics contains:

  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B Complex.
  • Flavonoids, Coenzyme Q10, and other potent antioxidants for slowing oxidative damage
  • Amino Acids to enhance the production of neurotransmitters
These nutrients make this formula unsurpassed for its ability to promote a healthy functioning body.

For optimal health during your dog's golden years, give him the most potent nutritional support available. Canine Geriatric Basics is hypoallergenic and contains human-grade ingredients so that your best friend can live a long and healthy life.

Each jar contains 90 soft chews.

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