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The Many Benefits of ThorneVet Hemp Tincture

The primary objective for the therapeutic use of ThorneVet Hemp Tincture is to benefit a companion animal’s overall health, well-being, and quality of life.  Read on to find out how this works
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Immugen for Immune Support for Pets

Immugen, an immune support supplement for dogs and cats, combines vitamins, minerals, amino acids, mushrooms, herbs and other nutrients for optimal immune system functioning. It contains natural ingredients to protect animals from bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, cancer, allergies, dermatitis and immune disorders.
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Nutritional Supplements for Pets with Cancer

Alternative and conventional therapeutics may be combined to synergistic advantage to yield greater results than when either therapy used alone. Such synergies might not only assist treatment of the tumor, but also help reduce side effects of conventional therapies.
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Using a Holistic Approach for Pets with Cancer

Cancer is a disease that seems to be affecting more and more pets, especially older dogs and cats.  Many vets believe that a poor diet and increased exposure to chemicals and other environmental pollutants have led to an increase in feline and canine cancers.
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