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Thorne Research Bio-Cardio for Dogs and Cats - 120 ct.
Bio-Cardio by Thorne - new look!

Thorne Research Bio-Cardio for Dogs and Cats - 120 ct.

Thorne Veterinary
Bio-Cardio for dogs and cats combines the antioxidant and cardio-protective qualities of coenzyme Q10 with the amino acids taurine and carnitine which both support heart health.
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Bio-Cardio by Thorne - Cardiovascular Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Bio-Cardio combines the antioxidant and cardio-protective qualities of coenzyme Q10 with vital cardiovascular nutrients and botanicals. This formula also contains the amino acids taurine and carnitine which both support cardiac function.
  • L-Carnitine promotes cellular energy production and supports muscle metabolism; i.e., improves appetite and exercise tolerance in dogs
  • Taurine supports healthy cardiac function in cats
  • Magnesium and potassium are necessary for cardiac contractility and for maintaining a healthy heart rhythm
  • Coenzyme Q10 promotes oxygen utilization and helps maintain a healthy myocardium.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

5 Stars
Amazing Product!
My holistic vet recommended Bio-Cardio for one of my dogs who had a grade 3 heart murmur. Other dogs I had were treated with conventional heart medians with awful results. Their hearts continued to get worse and they died of liver failure after very poor quality of life on the conventional meds. I jumped at the chance to try Bio-Cardio and it was miraculous. Within a few weeks, things had improved. Improvement continued over months, and after a year the murmur had completely disappeared. I confirmed this by testing with two independent vets. Since then I have used it on other dogs with heart problems, all with amazing results. I am involved with a dog rescue group and we use it on all the dogs who have heart problems and the results have been equally amazing - and with no bad side effects and a great quality of life. This is a miracle in a bottle!
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Reviewed by:  from California. on 6/11/2014
5 Stars
I brought my 14 yr. Maine Coon cat in to get a dental cleaning, but first had his blood work done to ensure he was ok to go under anesthesia. It had been noted in his past that he has a slight heart murmur so it was suggested he get an echocardiogram to ensure he was a candidate for anesthesia. I found out he is in the beginning stages of cardiac decline, with some very minor fluid build up. The vet sent me home with a medication to help pull the excess fluid out from around his heart, but I was not willing to stop there. I am so glad I found this extra support for his heart health. He is otherwise a very healthy cat and after a week, his health has greatly improved. I am using less of the vet med and consistently give him this product daily. I also found a wonderful gel product to help dissolve his plaque, so his oral health is improving as well without having to have a traditional cleaning. Thank goodness I have more time with him and I will credit any extra time with him to this product helping his heart function its best in his last years. I believe he has a few more years in him and I will never forget when the vet told me he may only have a week or a month left after our last visit- that was two months ago and my kitty's health is MUCH better! Thank you so much- Amy Shumway and Beanie " Magic Bean"
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Reviewed by:  from 293 Amherst Rd. Pelham MA 01002. on 2/13/2014
5 Stars
I give this to my dog Lucy and cat Honeycat because both have heart murmurs. Honeycat was having a cough suggested of CHF, and once he was taking Bio-Cardio, that coughing stopped.
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Reviewed by:  from Concord, NH. on 4/27/2017
5 Stars
Biocardio is Necessary
Biocardio is absolutely necessary to our cat's hearts health. We almost lost one to heart disease but our Naturopathic Vet recommended Biocardio. As a result our cats are healthy with rich black glossy coats and a fun life.
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Reviewed by:  from Ancaster Ontario Canada. on 1/12/2015
5 Stars
good product
i started using this product when we discovered a heart murmur in my cavalier king charles spaniel 3 years ago. the murmur has come back but it is low grade. he is not showing any signs of slowing down or it affecting him. i believe this product has prolonged his life and good health, and am a fan!
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Reviewed by:  from meriden, ct. on 7/3/2015

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