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The Many Benefits of ThorneVet Hemp Tincture

The primary objective for the therapeutic use of ThorneVet Hemp Tincture is to benefit a companion animal’s overall health, well-being, and quality of life.  Read on to find out how this works
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Separation Anxiety in Pets

When some dogs and cats realize they are being left alone, they exhibit distress and occasional destructive behavior—a condition known as separation anxiety disorder.
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Dog Aggression - Help for an Aggressive Dog

Your dog is sweet and loving most of the time but can turn aggressive in an instance. What can you do to stop aggressive behavior in dogs?
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Pets and Behavior Issues

Behavior problems are common in pets and they present themselves in many ways: destructive chewing or scratching furniture, excessive barking, inappropriate urination, aggressiveness, digging, and spraying are just some of the ways animals act out.
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Fireworks and Pets - Tips to Keep Them Calm and Safe

Fireworks, thunderstorms, New Years Eve and other loud celebrations can be a frightening time for dogs and cats. The loud booming noises that accompany fireworks causes anxiety and stress in pets.
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Natural Calming Supplements for Dogs and Cats

The following herbs, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients can have a calming effect on dogs and cats:
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