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The Many Benefits of ThorneVet Hemp Tincture

The primary objective for the therapeutic use of ThorneVet Hemp Tincture is to benefit a companion animal’s overall health, well-being, and quality of life.  Read on to find out how this works
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Food Allergies in Pets

Food allergies and food intolerances are common conditions in both cats and dogs. Symptoms are often digestive in origin, i.e. diarrhea, enteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, vomiting and malabsorption. Food allergies can also manifest themselves through chronic ear infections, skin disorders and respiratory problems.
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Immugen for Immune Support for Pets

Immugen, an immune support supplement for dogs and cats, combines vitamins, minerals, amino acids, mushrooms, herbs and other nutrients for optimal immune system functioning. It contains natural ingredients to protect animals from bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, cancer, allergies, dermatitis and immune disorders.
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Omega 3s Help Relieve Itchy Skin in Dogs and Cats

Omega 3 fatty acids play a vital role in overall good health and are particularly beneficial for the skin of dogs and cats because they reduce inflammation and help create a protective barrier.
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Skin Problems and Weak Immune System

In many cases, skin problems in cats or dogs can be linked to allergies or an impaired immune system. If the immune system is not functioning properly, seemingly harmless flea bites, dry patches or small sores can turn into serious skin problems for your pet.
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Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs and Cats

Atopic Dermatitis often called Atopy, is an allergic reaction to a substance that is inhaled, such as dust, dust mites or pollen. Dogs or cats with atopic dermatitis become extremely itchy and will scratch or lick themselves excessively to find relief.
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Natural Treatment for Pet Asthma

Pets with asthma experience many of the same problems that their humans with asthma do. An obstruction of the airway causes difficulty breathing as the air passages in the lungs fill up with mucous. Dogs and cats of any age can develop asthma, though it is mostly seen in puppies and kittens and middle-aged animals.
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Pets with Allergies - Address the Causes, Not Just the Symptoms

Treating allergies in cats and dogs can be a frustrating process and so pet guardians often rely on steroids and antihistamines to alleviate the symptoms. While this may help in the short term, a better, long term approach would be to identify the allergens and reduce your pets exposure to them.
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