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Cataracts in Dogs

As dogs age, many develop cataracts in one or both eyes. A cataract is an opaque spot on the lens of the eye, which makes it difficult for a dog or cat to see through. They often occur in dogs or cats with diabetes, and are found in older pets that have immune disorders, a chronic disease, chronic skin problems, hip dysplasia and ear problems. Cataracts can also occur in young pets as a result of genetics or an injury to the eye.
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Vitamins and Supplements for Older Dogs and Cats

As animals age, their organs begin to operate less efficiently. Some vets believe animals experience up to a 30% loss of functioning of most body systems. Poor diet, environmental pollutants and the natural aging process are to blame. But the future doesn't have to be so bleak for your older friend. Because you care, you can help him live out his senior years happy and healthy!
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A Holistic Approach to Keeping Older Pets Healthy

As older animals become less active, they need food lower in protein and carbohydrates to avoid weight gain. Exercise is important for older dogs to prevent obesity and arthritis and to provide mental stimulation. Although its tough to acknowledge that your dog is getting older, you need to recognize your dog is not a puppy anymore.
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