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Arthroplex by Thorne - Joint Support for Dogs & Cats

by Thorne Veterinary
Arthroplex by Thorne is a glucosamine supplement for dogs and cats with joint pain and stiffness. Now with curcumin to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.
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Arthroplex by Thorne Research - Glucosamine for Dogs and Cats
Arthroplex now contains curcumin to help reduce inflammation.  
Arthroplex combines all natural ingredients that support healthy joint function in dogs and cats. The proven joint support activity of glucosamine and the anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain, boswellia and curcumin help pets that are experiencing joint pain and stiffness from arthritis and related conditions.

Veterinarian-formulated Arthroplex contains glucosamine sulfate, one of the safest and most widely-researched ingredients for arthritis (osteoarthritis) pain and stiffness. Glucosamine has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity, and unlike NSAIDS and corticosteroids, glucosamine sulfate works to maintain joint health.
Each bottle contains 180 capsules.

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Rating Arthroplex by Thorne
Like this product a lot for my 8 1/2 year old Samoyed who was attacked twice in a few weeks and slammed to the ground several times which left him with damaged and injured spine, he gets 2 with AM feeding and 2 with PM feeding. Seems to be helping.
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Reviewed by:  from Bonsall, CA. - 1/1/2015
Rating Arthroplex by Thorne- Joint support for dogs
I was fortunate to have found this product. The capsules have helped my dog recover from a deep tissue injury that caused a front paw lameness. ( My dog had an adverse reaction and is sensitive to traditional anti inflammatory and pain relief medication that was prescribed by the vet). Arthroplex was and is the only supplement to my dogs diet for the past month. My dogs activity level increases everyday. Thank you Thorne Research.
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Reviewed by:  from Tinley Park, IL. - 12/15/2014
Rating Works for us so far
Our shepherd mix is 9 years old, and she has arthritis in her lower spine and hips. Her movement was getting stiffer, she stopped running and playing as much and as often as she used to, she couldn't jump on the couch, and she couldn't maintain her posture when "going to the bathroom." Our vet suggested Deramaxx, and we tried it for several months. Her mobility did improve, but she still wasn't quite herself. I was concerned about giving her NSAID's for the rest of her life, so I researched alternatives. I found an article in The Whole Dog Journal, and the author described a similar situation as ours, where the dog benefited from Arthroplex and a change in diet from commercial to raw meaty bones. Our girl is about 60 pounds, takes two capsules of Arthroplex each day, and thoroughly enjoys her prey-model raw diet. She runs, jumps and plays almost exactly they way she used to; the duration of play is shorter (about 10 minutes at a time), and she uses caution as she jumps on the couch. We've been giving Arthroplex and feeding raw for about two months now, and I'm completely satisfied with the results thus far.
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Reviewed by:  from LA. - 12/12/2014
Rating Best product ever!!
This product has changed my dogs life entirely. She used to have severe problems due to arthritis and problems with her hips. The vet said my dog might need hip surgery, but recommended me to try Arthroplex first. Already after a week of using it I noticed great results. She wanted to play again. I thought the change was so remarkable so I didn't believe it ..so as a test I stopped giving the capsules to her and in no time her severe problems came back and as soon as I started with them again her problem disappeared. Now I know as a fact that it is truely thanks to Arthroplex that my dog still can come with me on hikes and she is just a happy dog again! I recommend Artroplex to everyone!!
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Reviewed by:  from CA. - 11/18/2014
Rating Fantastic Product
My 13 yr old Min Pin has been on Arthroplex for some time and it has helped her so much with her stiffness and pain. I forgot to order more a couple of months ago when we ran out and I soon noticed she was having a difficult time getting up and was very stiff in her neck area. I placed my order and within 2 days she was like a new dog again. I won't run out again!
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Reviewed by:  from Jonesboro Ga. - 4/16/2014
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