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SedaplusVET by Thorne Research - 60 ct.
Thorne SedaplusVET for Pets

SedaplusVET by Thorne Research - 60 ct.

SedaplusVET contains calming herbs to soothe the nervous system of dogs and cats.
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SedaplusVET by Thorne Research - Calming Herbs for Dogs and Cats
SedaplusVET contains botanicals to soothe the nervous system. Its key ingredient, Valerian, is well-known for its use as an herbal sedative for treating anxiety and  restlessness. SedaplusVET has sedative-like herbs for restful sleep and relaxation:
  • Slows down a pet's overactive mind
  • Promotes a calm, relaxed mental state
  • Excellent supplement for travel stress

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

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