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Power Bones Dog Treats by Zukes - Beef - 6 oz.
Zukes Power Bones - Beef

Power Bones Dog Treats by Zukes - Beef - 6 oz.

Zuke's Power Bones Beef Dog Treats are for active dogs and provide the extra nutrients needed for strength and endurance.
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Zuke's Power Bones  - Beef - Healthy Energy Treats for Active Dogs
Dogs that work hard and play hard require the wholesome energy supplied by Zuke's Power Bones Treats.

Power Bones were formulated by veterinarians and canine nutritionists and contain a premium blend of nutrients for muscle strength and endurance. They are fortified with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, B Complex, niacin, folic acid and more.

If you have an active pooch that likes to do the things you do -- run, swim, hike, play ball -- then try Power Bones and see the difference a healthy power treat can make.

Zuke's Power Bones were designed to meet the increased demands of an active dog's body by providing the extra nutrients needed for strength and endurance. The wholesome, natural nutrients give your dog what he needs when he needs it most. The highly digestible Zuke's Power Bones formula delivers those nutrients before, during, and after exercise.

Zuke's Power Bones also work great as a light meal alternative (camping, day hikes, etc.). The amount of calories and nutrients in such a small package make it much easier to pack in than conventional dog food which is almost all filler.

Made in the USA.  No wheat, corn or soy.
Each bag contains 6 oz.

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