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PhytoprofenVET - Thorne Veterinary - 60 ct.
PhytoprofenVET for Dogs & Cats

PhytoprofenVET - Thorne Veterinary - 60 ct.

PhytoprofenVET supports the musculoskeletal system in dogs and cats and is used to reduce bruising, swelling and pain after injury or surgery.
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PhytoprofenVET - Thorne Veterinary - Supports Normal Inflammatory Response

Phytoprofen VET contains a synergistic blend of Ayurvedic herbs that support the animal's healthy cytokine balance.  These herbs (Picrorhiza, Bowellia and curcumin) help minimize post-operative and post-injury bruising and swelling.  This formula also contains the enzyme Bromelain which has been shown to reduce swelling and tenderness after injury.
  • Supports connective tissue and inflammatory response
  • Reduce pain and swelling from injury and surgery
  • Maintains a healthy cytokine balance
Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

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