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Perio-Plus Dog Dental Stix Singles - Individually Wrapped
Vetri-Science Perio-Support

Perio-Plus Dog Dental Stix Singles - Individually Wrapped

Perio-Plus Dental Stix are great tasting dog chews that clean teeth, reduce plaque and promote healthy gum tissue.
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Perio-Plus Stix Singles for Dogs - Individually wrapped so your dog can try it out before you purchase the 30 ct. bag.

Vetri-Science Perio-Plus Stix is a great tasting, convenient dental chew stick designed to support periodontal health in dogs. The outer layer promotes teeth cleaning, plaque control and fresh breath while the inner layer supports healthy gum tissue. 
  • Zinc, Zeolites and Pumice help control plaque formation
  • Cranberry, CoQ10 and Taurine promote healthy gum tissue
  • Probiotics reduce undesirable bacteria in the mouth
  • Spirulina, Parsley and Cinnamon help maintain fresh breath

See the "Ingredients" tab to learn more about this formula.

Dental health is important to the overall health of your pet - it can affect the health of the heart, lungs and kidneys. That's why it is so important to provide your pet with daily dental care before a problem develops. Perio-Plus is best when used along with regular dental cleanings.


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