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Gumz-n-Teeth by Pet Alive - Prevents Gum Disease in Pets
PetAlive Gumz-n-Teeth

Gumz-n-Teeth by Pet Alive - Prevents Gum Disease in Pets

Gumz-n-Teeth promotes healthy gums in dogs and cats and helps to prevent gum problems such as gingivitis, swollen and bleeding gums.
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PetAlive Gumz-n-Teeth - Promotes Healthy Gums and Teeth
Gumz-n-Teeth by PetAlive helps to prevent gingivitis, inflamed swollen gums and tooth decay in dogs and cats. Plus, its herbal and homeopathic ingredients promote healthy gums and teeth in pets.

Gumz-n-Teeth can be used:
  • For healthy teeth and gums.
  • To strengthen the immune system.
  • To strengthen bones and teeth and prevent decay.
  • To prevent gum disease.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

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