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GrassSaver Tablets by NaturVet -  250 tablets
NaturVet GrassSaver Tablets

GrassSaver Tablets by NaturVet - 250 tablets

GrassSaver is a supplement that helps prevent dog urine from killing grass by reducing the amount of nitrogen in their urine. Contains B-Complex vitamins and amino acids. Effective at reducing yellow spots in 98% of dogs that use it regularly.
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GrassSaver Tablets - Stop Dog Pee from Killing your Grass
GrassSaver Tablets by NaturVet are a healthy food supplement that helps your dog absorb more of the nutrients in their food and reduce the amount of nitrogen in their urine.
  • Concentrated nitrogen in dog urine can kill grass.
  • Neutralize your dogs urine and help prevent yellow and brown spots on your lawn!
This product reduces yellow spots on lawn in 98% of the dogs who take it regularly. If it does not work for your dog, NaturVet will refund your money.
Each bottle contains 250 tablets.

GrassSaver is also available in soft chews.

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