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Ear Wipes for Dogs - 50 pads - Alcohol-Free
Happy Tails Ear Wipes

Ear Wipes for Dogs - 50 pads - Alcohol-Free

Happy Tails Ear Wipes are a gentle yet effective way to clean your dogs ears. They remove dirt and wax, suppress bacteria growth and reduce unpleasant odors. All natural ingredients and alcohol-free - no stinging!
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Happytails Ear Wipes for Dogs - A gentle, all-natural way to clean and deodorize your dogís ears
  • Alcohol free cleansing wipes
  • Contain no pharmaceuticals or chemicals
  • For smelly, itchy, infected ears
  • Quickly and easily clears away dirt & debris
Ear Wipes are a convenient way to clean your dogís delicate ears. Alcohol-free Ear Wipes gently help to remove residue, odor and cleanse your dogís ear. The pre-moistened pads contain colloidal silver, an all natural ingredient that suppresses bacteria, and witch hazel, used for generations to safely cleanse and sanitize. Our botanical blend removes dirt, wax and debris while reducing unpleasant odors.

Statistics show that ear infections are the number one reason why dog owners visit the vet. The best way to prevent an ear infection is to start a regular home cleaning regimen. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and by paying attention to your dog's ears before there are problems you can save your best friend the misery of infected ears and yourself the misery of high vet bills.
Alcohol-free - No stinging or burning!

Each jar contains 50 pads

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