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Derma-Strength Feline Chews - Promotes Skin & Coat Health in Cats
Derma-Strength Feline

Derma-Strength Feline Chews - Promotes Skin & Coat Health in Cats

Derma-Strength Feline Soft Chews for cats promotes healthy skin and coat while supporting the immune system. Helps cats with seasonal skin allergies and itchy skin.
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Vetri-Science Derma-Strength Feline - For Cats with Itchy Skin and Seasonal Allergies
Derma-Strength Feline Chews provide beneficial nutrients to support healthy skin and coat and also help cats with skin problems due to seasonal allergies and environmental irritants.
Derma-Strength Chews for cats provides nutrients that:
  • Support the immune system response
  • Aid in tissue recovery
  • Maintain histamine within normal levels
  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Provides support during allergy season
The ingredients in Derma Strength Soft Chews for Cats were selected to help promote healthy skin in the following ways:
  • Amino Acids for tissue repair
  • Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to support cellular health and functionality.
  • DMG for immune system support and circulation.
  • Essential Fatty Acids EPA and DHA to support circulation and cellular integrity.
  • Grape Seed Extract to help manage histamine levels.
  • Hyaluronic Acid for tissue hydration support.
  • Methionine to support skin tissue health.

Each bag contains 60 chews.

3 Stars
I purchased these for my elderly female cat who has sever flea allergies. She is inside only but her brother is not and inevitably he has gifted her with a few fleas. I am using a flea preventative on both and bathing monthly as recommended by my vet, but let's be realistic, fleas are gonna happen. The first 3 days she ate them with enthusiasm but by day 4 she was turning her nose up at them and I noticed that the "odor" from the treats was getting stronger. I DID notice a slight difference in her coat, i.e. her hair started to grow back over the rough spots. But of course since she would not continue to partake, the allergy came back. My suggestion, reduce the scent/flavor I think it is overpowering.
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Reviewed by:  from Monroe NC. on 9/25/2014
5 Stars
This Really Works!
My 14 year old cat has had allergy related skin problems all her life.Recently she had been itching and pulling her fur out,leaving a bald spot on her back.I tried many things to no avail.When I found this product,after about a month,I noticed her coat was shiny and soft again.She also has stopped itching a lot.It's so nice to finally find a product that works...Please try it!!
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Reviewed by:  from Middletown,DE.. on 1/19/2014
4 Stars
My cat loves the taste
I have a kitten with severe skin allergies that has been on this product for a month. Her skin flaking has improved but she is still is getting secondary infections. It may be too early to see drastic improvement but she does love the way they taste which is a plus.
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Reviewed by:  from West Palm Beach, FL. on 1/16/2014

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