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Coprophagia Deterrent - 130 ct. - Stops Dogs Eating Feces

by NaturVet
Is your dog eating feces? Coprophagia Deterrent is a natural treatment containing herbs which make their feces have an unpleasant taste. Helps stop stool eating in dogs!
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Coprophagia Deterrent Tablets - Treatment to stop your dog from eating feces!

Stool eating is one of the more unpleasant things dogs do. The natural ingredients in Coprophagia Deterrent makes the dog's feces taste bad (to the dog) and discourages them from eating it. Regular use will assist with training your dog not to eat its stool. 

Each bottle contains 130 tablets. Also available in 60 ct. tablets and  soft chews.

For dogs only.

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Rating Coptophsgia
This is really working well for my 3 dogs. My only question is will I have to continue to give them this for the rest of their lives
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Reviewed by:  from glen allen, va 23060. - 5/23/2014
Rating Seems to be working
Two of my three dogs were doing this. It seemed to take a couple of weeks before it started to work but now I'm seeing little to no signs that they are eating anymore poo. I am very satisfied with this product.
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Reviewed by:  from Quinby VA.. - 4/16/2014
Rating coprophagia deterrent
I am presently using this product on a 7 month old female Rottweiler. After about 2 weeks of twice a day treatment, the product seems to be working very well. Just like medications for humans, some work, some don't, that's why all the warning labels about possible side effects. This is working on my dog, and I am very satisfied.
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Reviewed by:  from Decatur, Illinois. - 2/24/2014
Rating Coprophagia Deterrent
I have used this product for a few week. It does not stop them completely, but it does put a dent in it.
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Reviewed by:  from Princeton, Tx. - 2/22/2014
Rating Great Potential
I think these tablets worked a little better than the soft chews. I have four dogs and they all ate the recommended dosage. The little guys (two Shih-Tzu’s) received their daily allotment (1/2 Tablet) in the morning, and the big girl’s (1 Bassett/Beagle (1 Tablet) and 1 Saint Bernard (2 Tablets)) dosage was split between breakfast and dinner. The most noticeable change was the lack in room-clearing vapors. The Bassett/Beagle has been known to discharge something out of her hind quarter that is so foul I guarantee houses within a five mile radius probably think we’ve just been blasted by a chemical attack of Hydrogen sulfide (little do they know it’s Annabell, aka Pootin Nanna’s). I think had I not run out of the tablets (I switched over to the soft chews), there may have been more improvements to come (dare I say poo-sobriety). I am out of the house 12hrs a day, so I cannot say whether the poo eating stopped all-together (We clean the yard when we get home at night, and as of late it's been a little too dark too see if we got it all). However, I was able to notice a decrease in nocuous gasses, the lack of constant poo-breath, and a little throw-up toward the tail end of the bottle. I think the ol’girl couldn’t give up the poo even though it was making her sick. But, I believe eventually she would have come around. The throw-up stopped after we went to the soft chews (I don't think they are as effective). But, I will be going back to the tablets as there was better improvement (as far as a potential to eliminate the habit). I'm sure it will take quite a few months (maybe even a year) of consistent daily dosages to get the desired result.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Mtn. Home, ID. - 2/19/2014
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