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Coprophagia Deterrent - 60 ct. -  Stops Dogs Eating Poop
NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent

Coprophagia Deterrent - 60 ct. - Stops Dogs Eating Poop

Does your dog eat it's own poop? Coprophagia Deterrent is a natural treatment which make their feces have an unpleasant taste. Helps stop stool eating in dogs!
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Coprophagia Deterrent - Treatment to stop your dog from eating poop!

Stool eating is one of the more unpleasant things dogs do. The natural ingredients in Coprophagia Deterrent makes the dog's feces taste bad (to the dog) and discourages them from eating it. Regular use will assist with training your dog not to eat its stool. 

Each bottle contains 60 tablets. Also available in soft chews.

For dogs only.

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