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Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel by NaturVet - Omega 3s for Cats
NaturVet Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel

Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel by NaturVet - Omega 3s for Cats

Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel with Omega 3 fatty acids provides cats with calories, energy and nutrition. Great for finicky eaters that may need extra nutritional support.
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Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel - Provides Extra Nutrition and Calories for Cats
Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel by NaturVet is a great tasting source of calories and protein for finicky felines or cats needing increased caloric or nutritional intake. Formulated with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

A few tasty licks provide supplemental caloric and nutritional intake for your cat or kitten. A great way to bond with your pet is to give right from your finger. May also be given from a dish.

Available size: 5 oz.

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